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Journey to Burning Man with Mom

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BURNING MAN 2014: JOURNEY WITH MOM – Click to see full gallery! And read about it on my front page.

Mushroom Bench

I have a 5.5 foot concrete bench in my backyard under the giant mushroom. This piece is being created on mesh so I can work on it in class and then transfer it onto the bench, glue it down, and grout it into place.

The imagery concept is mother Gaia at the far right has sacred geometry woven in her hair. As the winds of life blow her hair the geometry is infused into all things in nature; represented as flowers, butterflies, and mushrooms to fit the motif of the rest of the garden.

I will be posting pictures at the end of every creative session. Check back here often to view the progress.

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Mosaic Tea Table


This mosaic tea table took me 26 hours to complete. It is only the 2nd piece I’ve created using cut glass. I absolutely love this medium. View this album to see my entire process. Each picture was taken at the end of each two hour creative session.

This table fits into my Wonderland motif in the backyard. The tea cup was created from photo reference but the rest was layered organically.  The gears were purchased and had to be raised to the level/thickness of the class. I used key cards which i had been saving for years from various trips I’d taken. Each one marked a different time in my life; a different moment to remember. It seemed very fitting to use these cards to support the gears of time as they poured out of the tea cup and across the table.

Dora Maar DJ Booth


I herited this DJ booth from Syrup Loft in Downtown LA. It was created for the Burning Man Opera out of the scrap pieces of wood left from the creation of the Temple set piece.  I always saw the cubist face of Dora Maar by Picasso in its cut pieces and now I have the opportunity to create my vision fully realized.

Every day I work on the piece, I will post a picture of the progress. Working in broken mirror has posed to be very difficult. I truly have put my blood into this piece. Im also working in silicon which is sticky, smelly, and messy but necessary to secure the mirror and ensure it will be protected from water.

The image is the portrait of Dora Maar by Picasso and its mirror image next to it. It will all be mosaiced in mirror with the grout lines being the contour lines.

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Mosaic Tea Table

Most of the rock in my kitchen back splash was either found or recovered from the trash. Some of the petrified wood came from my Dad’s ranch in Texas. The little elephants are from Thailand and the scarab my grandmother brought back from Egypt. There is coral from Conneticut and snail that were born, lived their lives, and died in the fish tank in the living room.

I worked on this piece with the remarkable interior designer, Scarlet Jackson Abbott. It took us about 1 year to complete. There were fairly large amounts of time when we could not work on it which is why it took us so long. But either way, it was a very time consuming process. And also extremely healing at the same time.

This piece marks the beginning of my love for mosaic work.

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Celebrity Pictures

At LA Decom 2013, we awarded the first LALA Humanity awards to Councilman Ed Reyes (district 1), Councilperson Jan Perry (district 9), and Mayor Antonio Villariagosa (his daughter accepted on his behalf). The award was a connector block designed by Gregg Fleishman. Also in the pictures is Shawn Woods, Superintendent of California State Parks.
Coming Soon! This will be an album of all the celebrities whose worlds crossed mine and a photograph was taken.