A New Mythology

In my soul search for the empty space left when my Dad died and my dog died six months apart in 2013, I found I was holding onto the past. A longing for what was. The truth: there is not an empty space at all. The memories of the past filled me with an enduring love and hope for the future. I took a step back to look forward. I erased an old mythology and began writing a new one.


And I looked to the sky
within the stars
erasing the implanted knowledge 
of an old mythology
to see the stars fresh
as dots waiting to be connected,
a connection anew.
The belt of Orion was now the top of a tea pot
pouring tea into the darkness
of the night sky.
The dots nestled in the darkness
outpouring from the tea pot
to form the face of my father.
Smiling with smiling eyes
glimmering in love and kindness.
A proud father, my proud father
resting in the stars as an elder
relishing the empire he created.
And I smiled back.
Laughter consumed me.
And I looked to the sky once more
within another set of stars
clean of ancient mythology.
The Pleiades, Subaru
a set of stars, birthing stars
in the shape of my Simba’s nose
faintly poking through the curtain
coming forth from the shadows;
eyes gleaming with love and kindness.
His little perky ears
strong massive teeth
no longer a source of violence,
a bright glistening of hope.
A blissful being, my blissful being.
I smiled back.
Nirvana consumes me.