RV is packed!

Today was an extraordinarily busy day. Starting at 8am we were picked up by the best friend anyone can have, Adam Oz, who brought us to the RV place and then picked up our golf cart.  Getting the RV was time consuming, but not as time consuming as hooking up the trailer to the RV since the hitch and wiring were not correct. But Adam figured it out. He was amazing. Changed the ball hitch so that it would work with the RV, and also adapted the wiring so that we had brake lights and turn signals working. YAY!!! Thank goodness for Adam Oz. We are very grateful for all his hard work above and beyond the original request.  And that is how we started our journey. There is always a glitch. This is Burning Man. A journey to Burning Man is not complete without some type of glitch.

Start of Journey

Our first fuel up.

Adam Fixing Hitch

Adam Oz. OUR HERO!


















Mom thought for sure there was not going to be enough storage space for all the stuff we were both bringing. Much like the game of tetris, we packed the RV with precision. It all fit. And there is room for more. SHOPPING! But just for a few essential supplies we need. The big grocery shopping will happen in Fallon, NV Sunday morning right before our final leg to Black Rock City.

From Mom’s Perspective: After an exhausting day that began with the RV pickup and continued with Adam’s working out the trailer hitch problems, Athena and I spent the rest of the day loading an amazing amount of “important stuff” into the RV. Memories of past RV trips when the kids were young came flooding into my mind. I suddenly remembered how much planning and preparation went into those summer trips…and, how much fun we had sharing those experiences.  I am looking forward to sharing this experience with Athena.  At the rental agency counter we met two guys from Denmark and four middle aged guys preparing to attend their first Burning Man Festival.  I have been told that first timers are called “virgins” and, as you can imagine, it has been a LONG time since I fit that description. I certainly did not know that it was reversible! So many people have been surprised and complimentary about my attending Burning Man and have made me feel rather like a celebrity. Guess there are not too many “old chicks” who attend.

I am extremely excited that my adventure has begun!  It will be fun to share it with all of you.