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Welcome Home!

Welcome home is often what we say when someone arrives at Burning Man, or at any place where the burner community collects. It might be a regional camping event, or a week end gathering. Home is where you feel safe. Home is where you are loved and accepted. Home is truly where your heart is.


Hello!!! Welcome to the community. Im looking forward to introducing you to me; what Im working on, speaking engagements, stories about my life, and my opinion on matters that mean the most to me. My hope is to post at least one video a week. Most of them will be just me on camera, although some will be interviews. I will post a few videos from others that resonate with my world.


This is going to be a fun journey into a world that until this webpage, only I knew about. Now you get to be part of the secret. With the knowledge of my life Im going to share, I hope to inspire you; even if its just to get your thinking of the marvel of your own life.